Traffic & Income Tracker for Bloggers - MS Excel

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Spend less time recording data and more time creating content that sells! Income reports are now easier than ever, with our traffic, income and expense tracker for bloggers. Use the visual elements to discern how your traffic growth correlates with your bottom line.

Easily track your blog traffic, income and expenses and generate income reports with no effort!

This is the OG version of our Traffic & Income Tracker and is intended for use on MS Excel; it is not compatible with Google Sheets. If you need a tool compatible with Google Sheets, check out our modified version.


  • Category Dashboard - View an auto-populated graph displaying your income and expenses on any given day, month or year. This comprehensive dashboard allows you to select custom dates, period length, and whichever income or expense type that you want to compare.
  • Revenue and Expense Dashboard - Here is where you will log your regular expenses and income (such as Google Ads and product sales), and daily traffic (pageviews, users and sessions). This information will be used to calculate your RPMs on the Summary dashboard.
  • Dimension Dashboard - This is a great place to view the highs and lows of your traffic, including Sessions, Pages/Session, eCPM (RPM), eCPM (RPM) Session, CPM, and CPM Session. This can be filtered by daily, weekly or monthly, and can be adjusted by custom dates and period length.
  • Affiliate Revenue Dashboard - Here you will input your affiliate revenue by date, network, company/item, and commission. 
  • Other Expenses - Input any irregular expenses related to your blog, such as ad spend (ie. Facebook Ads), subscription services (ie., Tailwind), creative elements (ie., fonts), etc., by date and vendor.
  • Summary - Your Summary dashboard contains a detailed overview of what's outlined/graphed on the Dimension and Category dashboards. Here you will get your automatically calculated Session and Page RPMs, as well as a comprehensive summary of all expenses and revenue, your income to expense ratio, and your overall profit/loss.

 This product is digital; buyers will receive a zipped file with a digital download - (nothing will be shipped).

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